Lowline Lab


Titan was retained by Underground Development Foundation as General Contractor to assist in the renovation of the Lowline’s Lab on Essex Street in the Lower East Side. The building is owned by NYC and leased to Lowline to illustrate the technology they will use in the development of the first underground park. This included the installation of highly specialize refractors through the roof bringing in natural light to the building. This light allows for plants to grow naturally and truly create an exterior environment indoors, and ultimately underground.

While a small project, Titan was interested in helping this non-profit so that they can continue their work in educating the population of this unique technology. They are currently getting approvals from NYC to construct this underground park.

The Lowline Lab was completed in 2015.

City: New York
Area: Lower East Side
Building Type: Commercial
Project Cost: $ 200,000.00
Square Footage: 14,000
Status: Complete